Journal History

Jurnal Maksipreneur: Manajemen, Koperasi, dan Entrepreneurship (the JMP) with the registration number ISSN (printed) 2089-550X, first appeared in printed form starting at volume 1 number 1 in December 2011. Since then, the JMP has regularly been published twice a year, December for number (issue) 1 and June for number (issue) 2. Since the initial issue, there has been an error in writing the registration number, namely ISSN 2089-5501. The error has been corrected along with the issuance of the JMP for the electronic version with the ISSN registration number (online) 2527-6638. Since the use of the OJS (online journal system) platform in 2016, the JMP has made many continuous improvements in the management of online scientific journals.

The number of articles published by the JMP from the beginning until the volume of December 2015 still varies and ranges from 6-11 articles each time it is published. However, since 2016 the number of articles published by the JMP has been consistently numbered 7 articles each time. The printed and online version of JMP began to be published simultaneously starting in volume 5 number 2, June 2016. The JMP is a scientific journal to publish the results of research and conceptual thinking in the fields of management, cooperatives, and entrepreneurship.

To improve publication quality standards, JMP began implementing the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) from the edition of December 2017. Simultaneously, the implementation of DOI was also carried out for all previous editions of JMP articles and publications (back issues), so that all issues and articles published by the JMP have DOI. The application of DOI has a big impact on the dissemination of the JMP publications and articles in them. One of the real impacts of the dissemination power is recognition in the form of indexation by international scientific journal indexers, so that the JMP is increasingly recognized and the number of its citation also increases.

Since the beginning of the JMP publication, an issue-based JMP numbering system is published every time. Starting from Volume 7 Number 1 December 2017, JMP applies a volume-based numbering system. It means that the beginning page or number 1 is always started again at each volume change.

Starting in the edition of December 2018, the JMP manager began to fix the administration of receiving manuscripts, peer-reviewing, editing, and similarity checking. Since its inception until 2018, the JMP uses Indonesian language in articles fully. Starting in the December 2018, the JMP began using two languages, namely Indonesian language and English in the publication of the article. Gradually, the JMP will turn to the use of English as a whole to position itself as one of the internationally recognized scientific journals.

The JMP publication quality improvement milestones:

  • 2011, December 30th: Endorsement of ISSN (printed) from LIPI, the first JMP publication of December 2011 edition in printed version.
  • 2016, May 30th: Endorsement of ISSN (online) from LIPI, the first JMP publication of June 2016 edition in online version.
  • 2017, November 23rd: Application of DOI from Crossref.
  • 2018, February 15th: Application of Google Scholar indexer.
  • 2018, March 21st: Application of iThenticate Similarity Check service.
  • 2018, March 30th: Application of IOS (Indonesia One Search) indexer.
  • 2018, August 7th: Registration for DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journal).
  • 2018, December 5th: Installation of Road (Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources) indexer.
  • 2018, December: Registration for journal accreditation of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti).
  • 2019, April: JMP has been accredited by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) in rank of SINTA 4.