Journal History

Journal of Maksipreneur (JMP) is a periodical scientific journal published by Universitas Proklamasi 45 Yogyakarta, Indonesia (UP 45) twice a year, on December and June. JMP was first published in Volume 1 Number 1 on December 2011 for printed version (ISSN 2089-550X), and in Volume 5 Number 2 on June 2016 for electronic version (ISSN 2527-6638). JMP aims to publish scientific work of academicians, researchers, and practitioners in the form of research results or conceptual development in the areas of Management, Cooperative, and Entrepreneurship. The relevant topics that can be developed and published in JMP relate to thinking and research findings on: business, management, marketing management, service marketing, social marketing, business communications, public relations, consumer behavior, consumerism, human resource management, organization development, operations management, logistics management, supply-chain management, finance, capital markets, banking, sharia economics, management information systems, e-commerce, strategic management, business ethics, cooperatives, small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurship, creative economy, agribusiness, health management, oil and gas enterprises, and international trade. The JMP publication is dedicated to making a real contribution in the development of scholarship in these fields and topics. JMP is openned to academicians, researchers, and practitioners in related fields to actualize themselves in the development of relevant scholarship.