Noenoek Sri Soetarmi


Discrimination that occurs in women associated with her rights are not equal with men. Inequality between the rights of men and women is not independent with the existence of gender policy in gov­ernment. In the study of law and politics, the notion of equality be­tween the rights of men and women, one of them discussed in a study on Gender Budget or budgets with a gender perspective. The most im­portant concept in its own gender budget is a budget in the govern­ment and the allocation of resources both in men and women. Gender budget with the concept of equality have a significant role when juxta­posed with the position of women as subordinate. Use of gender budg­et can be used to minimize the discrimination experienced by women.

In the context of Indonesia, the era of political decentralization, the regions have wider opportunities to develop regional potentiallity. These include regional commitment to ensure equality of rights be­tween men and women. Phenomena that arise in the decentralization process associated with women for equal opportunities with men is the direct election of regional heads that produce regional heads of women. The presence of women as the top leader is expected to pro­duce gender sensitive budget when compared with regions with re­gional heads of men. This study used survey methods of depth re­search. Accordingly, it is to obtain the necessary data, equipment or the main data collection techniques used were based on interviews with questionnaires, check-lists, and depth-interviews. The final conclusion is that the experience of Karanganyar shows the implementation of Gender Mainstreaming [PUG) and equality dimensions is still not yet become mainstream in all policies and programs, as well as develop­ment activities in Karanganyar District. Understanding of the PUG is also not evenly to all regional government officials, agencies, and local government levels in Karanganyar District. As a result, policies and programs for Women's Empowerment is still seen only as authority for Women's Empowerment Board, Child Protection, and family planning. Low political commitment, limited financial resources, as well as com­munity participation is still formalistic and imbalance in contributing to the implementation of Gender Mainstreaming policy in Karanganyar.

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