KONSEKUNSI YURIDIS TERHADAP ILLEGAL LOGGING (Studi Kasus pada Kawasan Hutan di Kabupaten Gunungkidul)

Sigit Wibowo


The aim of research to determine the legal consequences with law enforcement against illegal logging crimes (illegal logging) in the Forest Zone in Gunungkidul of internal factors and external factors. The research methodology with normative juridical approach of the technique of sampling by purposive sampling because the sampling was representative of the population at the object studied. In order to solve the problems posed in the study, and the data that had been collected was analyzed with descriptive qualitative, ie, by describing what the object being studied. The analysis is intended to analyze the data that has been obtained in the study, and the data analysis is then used as a support in addressing the problems studied.

Legal consequences with law enforcement in the form of punishment the criminal theft of timber forest products, through the judge’s ruling with the imposition of criminal decisions in prison and fines for perpetrators of illegal logging by timber theft of forest products. Factors inhibiting the enforcement of forestry laws, namely the lack of coordination of law enforcement officers; apparatus bad mentality, means limited infrastructures; technical constraints in evidence and there is no transparency in law enforcement.

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